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250 learners for Yiddish course!!

Yeah ladies and gentlemen, 250 learners for the Yiddish course, and who is wondering, Which Yiddish course? (Me), (Levi Polasak) and (Israel Polasak), made a huge wonderful Yiddish course on memrise with audio (not completed yet unfortunately because the team is busy) but anyway the first lessons have audio which you will know the pronunciation anyway and also you will know the pronunciation written under each word, so don't worry :) Anyway, I shared a post from 10 months ago announcing about our course, then it has reached 100 learners in this post 4 months ago, and then it has reached 200 learners in this post 1 month ago and now it has reached 250 learners for this great course (6th rank hopefully 1st rank).

For the ones who didn't hear about our course:- http://www.memrise.com/course/1120518/modern-yiddish-complete-with-audio/

so here is again announcing for our modern Yiddish course as also it seems to be that Duolingo's Yiddish course will take ages to be completed and if Duolingo's Yiddish course will be completed (AT LEAST SEPTEMBER 2018) you will have a lot of Vocabulary and grammatical notices, also when I saw Duolingo's Yiddish course, it was STANDARD YIDDISH which is really rarely used nowadays or in the formal issues although STANDARD YIDDISH is similar to MODERN YIDDISH, so don't worry about it, you will understand both of them anyway, so we made a course for the MODERN YIDDISH which is used by the Yiddish natives in their daily lives.

PS:- 1- It is modern Yiddish and not the Standard Yiddish, modern Yiddish is the Yiddish spoken by the native speakers (everyday use), so it is the slang not the standard language (Not a big difference anyway).

2- The audio is not complete to all the lessons but we will do our best to complete all the audio as soon as possible although the team is something busy but we will do our best anyway

And at last you will receive a Yiddish certificate to appreciate you for finishing the Yiddish tree.

And there is Tips And Notes on every lesson to explain the important things in it.


Actually yeah, the team is thinking about:-

1- Creating a lot of levels about the Yiddish language, the history of Yiddish and also about the native speakers.

2- Contacting with the native speakers and fluent speakers for anything you find hard, FROM WHERE? Facebook:- Shoda Fayez (As there is no Duolingo chats at the moment unfortunately so this will be the only way to contact with the team)

3- Making a Yiddish Dictionary (hopefully with audio) in the course itself, which will take sometime (1 month : 2 months) but it will be the greatest thing that will happen in the Yiddish language

JUST IF THE COURSE HAS REACHED 300 LEARNERS, Come on guys you won't regret.

שכוייח און האָב אַ גוטע צייט (Thanks and have a nice day)

September 12, 2017



Wow! Such a great course! Have you ever thinked on applying to contribute to the Yiddish for English speakers course here in Duolingo?


All of us Me, Levi and Israel but no one has accepted us unfortunately :( so we created this course :)


I have a question, How can you tell if a word has a Semitic origin?


Usually the way it's spelled. If it has ת, ח it's almost always Hebrew because Yiddish barely uses those letters, but Hebrew uses it more If it uses ב as v, ש as s, כ as k, it's almost always Hebrew It doesn't have a specific rule as well, so you have to know them :)


Interesting! Thank you for making this!

[deactivated user]

    Oy vey. Always wanted to learn it, but non-latin & right-to-left is not for me.



    We have it as well, not in the main course, but we have both the scripts (Yiddish one and Latin one)

    So you can use this instead of Yiddish script :)

    Hub hanooeh in hub a gitten tug = האָב האַנאָע און האָב אַ גוטן טאָג

    See? latin script and this phrase means enjoy and have a nice day!

    [deactivated user]

      Apparantly i cannot, not really.


      Oh you mean Latin Yiddish for the whole course? Well, unfortunately the only latin thing is the attribute but, Wow that's a good idea! Well if I found 50 ones who want it, I'll make another whole course in Latin Yiddish me and my Yiddish friends of course :)

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