"Jak ta kniha končí?"

Translation:How does the book end?

September 12, 2017

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it doesn't accept, "How does that book finish?" - the meaning is identical!


It doesn't accept "How does this book finish?" either. They should be more flexible with a language that doesn't have articles, you can't know if the sentence refers to "the" book or "this" book....


This DL course is 100% consistent on this matter.

The demonstrative adjective (here 'ta') can be translated as 'the' or as 'that/those', but not as 'this'. That point has been made over and over again by the authors in these discussion pages.

My point is, you CAN know: Here you can use 'the' or ''that' but not 'this'.


It is more likely that you were marked wrong for using finish instead of end.


What is wrong in "finish" in this context?


Well, it may not actually be wrong, but nobody actually says it in this context, at least in American English.

Usually in the sentence "X finishes", X must be a person or other animate being. If X is an inanimate object, one says "ends" instead of "finishes". So:
1. I finished the book.
2. The book ended suddenly.


Why not "How does the book finish?"

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