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  5. "Ti lidé jsou velcí!"

"Ti lidé jsou velcí!"

Translation:Those people are big!

September 12, 2017



What is velci?? Is it just the plural of velky??


Exactly. "Velcí/velké/velká" are plurals of "velký/velká/velké".


Should it not be 'These people are big!? As 'Those' is 'Tamti'. Note: the person writing the comment is a native czech speaker now living in the UK not me.


Tito = these, Tamti = those. "Ti" as a demonstrative is not refering to a distance at all. But not having any context I'd choose "those".


I always hear Lidí, it's the first time I see Lidé! Can someone tell me the difference?


Lidi (not lidí) or Lidé, both are possible. There is no difference, there are simply two possible forms of the nominative plural.


Translation 'those are big people' is seen as incorrect but seems the same to me. A bug or is there really a difference?


The course routinely distinguishes between, for example, "That car is red" and "That is a red car." They are grammatically different sentences in both languages, and it is good to understand this early on. It will save you lots of head-scratching later. :-)


You did it a little bit clearer for me, thanks ☺️


"ti" is heard as "ki", even on slow motion


I clearly hear ti, which is really prounced as /ŤI/ (as pointed out in the introductory Tips and notes).

If you truly believe there is an actual K instead of an actual Ť somewhere, you have to say exactly where and for which voice (male or female).


Sorry, maybe "ti" should sound like that, but I can clearly hear "ki". Especially in slow motion it sounds like "K". The same task has not yet been encountered, but as far as I remember, there is also a male voice.

Found the same problem in https://www.duolingo.com/skill/cs/Plural/1

Task: Type what you hear

Answer: Jsou ti lidé mladí?

Meaning: Are those people young?



So in which voice, male or female? Word tile or sentence?


Male. I described where this strange sounding occurs in the last commentary, no?

Task: Type what you hear

1) Ti lidé jsou velcí! = Ki lidé...

2) Jsou ti lidé mladí? = Jsou ki lidé...

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