"Ty stroje jsou nové!"

Translation:The machines are new!

September 12, 2017

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When is "ty" "the" and when is it" those"?


What is a Czech version for "that"?


that = ten (m), ta (f), to (n); just notice that the sentence above is in plural, so you can't use "that", but "those" = ti (m an.), ty (m ina.), ty (f), ta (n); stroj is masculine inanimate, so in plural you get - ty stroje


Is there any strong indicators in a sentence that makes it obvious when ta(f) or ta(n) Is being used?


jsou is plural and stroje too, you must look for the forms of these in a given sentence.


Could this also be: 1 Those machines are new (was given as correct) or 2 Your machines are new (Ty also means you, doesn't it?)


1) Yes, that's a valid translation. 2) The second sentence means something else. The personal pronoun "ty" means "you" (you've said that correctly), but in the second sentence you need a possessive "your" (tvůj) and use it in the correct form (tvoje - plural number, masculine inanimate gender, nominative case); ie. the same number/gender/case as the subject (stroje).


Why was "Those machines are new" marked wrong?


"Those machines are new" is accepted. But since we have no current report for it, we cannot tell you why your answer was rejected. Please use the Report button, even if you also post a comment.

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