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  5. "배꼽이 배보다 큽니다."

"배꼽이 배보다 큽니다."

Translation:The belly button is bigger than the belly.

September 12, 2017



This is a Korean idiom. My wife explained that you use it in certain situations. Like when watch repairs cost more than the watch itself.


it would be nice if duo provided info like this


Thank you for explaining! I wondered why it was such an impossible sentence! Jan. 25, 2020.


Roughly "wyżej sra niż dupę ma" in Polish, if anyone is interested or something


Also "El caldo sale más caro que las albóndigas" in Spanish.


Thank you! I don't need to talk smack to Duo over this now.


Thank you! We also have the similar idiom in Indonesia :)


Besar pasak daripada tiang ?


Thank-you for explaining . . .


Inaccurate, but funny


What the heck is going on in the lesson bro?..


This scares me.


"The belly button is larger than the belly" would also be correct. Reported on Nov. 15, 2017.


Oh. It's "besar pasak daripada tiang" in Indonesian. I wonder if English idiom for this existed.


Regarding food, I've heard "your eyes are bigger than your stomach" when you put too much food on your plate and can't finish it all, but we don't apply this to generally "missing the big picture" or like another example here of "repairs costing more than buying the item new" like the Korean term seems to mean.

Another idiom in English is "putting the cart before the horse", which means missing the big picture, in a general sense. For houses or higher-priced items like that, we call them "a money pit" meaning you just continually pour money into it like it's a black hole without it really being worth the costs. In car insurance I also hear "totaled", meaning the car is worth less fixed than the repairs will cost, (this isn't used often when the transmission or engine just goes out due to old age and is an expensive repair-job, but it is regularly used after a traffic accident.) I'm sure there's a better one for things costing more than their worth, more generally, but I'm only coming up with specific examples that are narrow in applicability. Other ideas from everyone?


why is it wrong when I wrote: Belly button is bigger than the belly?


In English if you use a count noun, you need an article in front of it. So you need to write, "The belly button...."

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