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choosing the voices who speak the phrases

Is there a way to choose the voices that speak the phrases in duolingo? I am able to understand one of the speakers just fine but have a lot of trouble hearing the other. Thanks.

September 12, 2017



No way, as far as I know. The difficulty that some have with one of the two voices (not always the same one) is actually a good thing, because both are actually much more understandable than the average native French speaker, so you need to train your ears. I am a Frenchman and understanding what they say is very easy for me, so it must become easy for you too, since you will only find worse in real life.

For pronunciation, I think they are about 99% correct. Some words are mispronounced, but that is probably the best Duolingo can provide for free.


Merci. See my response below.

[deactivated user]

    That is going to be worse in real life so it's can be a good way to learn to listen.


    I considered that before posting my question. I also chose my words carefully in my question because I have trouble hearing the one speaker. It's not so much that I have trouble understanding her but her consonants are distorted or something when they come through the speakers. Fore example, I think she is saying "femme" and she is saying "pomme"

    [deactivated user]

      Oh. Yeah. That sometimes happens too. It's hard to understand.


      The only remedy is to use the slow speed to double-check.

      [deactivated user]

        Yeah. I use that.


        Check out Speechling ( www. Speechling.com ). They use native speakers for content and you get free native coach who corrects your pronunciation. I like DL for grammar, but for listening and speaking it is meh. I have accidentally said sentences in English and Dl has accepted it as correct....


        Instead of changing the speaker to suit your ears you should train your ears to understand the speaker. After all, in the outside world, we don't know what kind of voices speakers will have. But there is a trick to Duo. All audio exercises are at some time also written. Each lesson has a fixed set of sentences. So, what you hear you may well have seen written in the same lesson. If you do them often enough they'll become so fixed in your mind that just hearing the start of the sentence will bring it all back.


        No you can't change speakers. You need to train your ears. Try listening to a verity of speakers from movies in person if possible etc. I know at first it may seem like you will not get it but you will hit that point where it just come natural to you and it won't mater much about who is speaking. The same is true on spelling by voice. Don't worry if you keep at it and be patience it will come. You can do it and you will be happy you did Bonne Chance :)


        Unfortunately they removed the male speaker who had a real sharp and clear style.


        Oh no! He was the best. Thanks for understanding.

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