"Nemám vodu."

Translation:I do not have water.

September 12, 2017

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"I have no water" is correct too, isn't it?


Your sentence would be translated as "(Já) nemám žádnou vodu."


Why žádnou is included o.O


You're right. My answer is just like yours :"I have no water". And it is correct.


"I don't have any water" comes up as incorrect. I think it should be accepted.


I did the same thing. I'm just chalking it up to it being in beta format.


Can you also say "vody" in Czech in sentences like this?


No you can't say "Nemám vody."


No. You use accusative with mít.


I wrote "I don't have water" and it was marked as a mistake, does it have any sense?


"I don't have water" is accepted. But since there is no report in the system for it, we cannot tell you why it may have been rejected.


Why is "I'm not having water" not accepted?


In English, "I am not having water" is a valid sentence and "to have" is often used in this way. Example in a restaurant setting: "I'm not having the chicken, I'm having the pasta."

But mít does not have the same meaning in Czech as "to have" as it is used in your sentence and in the example. The simple present is correct here.


Thank you for the clear explanation. What would be the proper way to say: "I'm not having water" in Czech?


When already drinking the best way is to say it indirectly "Nepiju vodu.". More direct is "Nedávám si vodu.".

When ordering: "Vodu si nedám.".


Nemam vodu. If I ask in English, You got water? to someone at the table or in their room, they may reply 'I don't have water' and the use of any is not necessary to say that. We have to guard from thinking backwards from English to Czech


I wrote "I have no water". Accepted, but only with the proviso that I had a typo and should have written "I have noT water" which is not correct English.


This is already discussed in the answers to the self-deleted comment by emiliano. As ion mentions, to have can be a regular verb. We generally accept the British use of "have" as a normal verb in this course. Have you any wool? I have not wool.

This usage has indeed been strongly disappearing with time in the recent centuries. Nevertheless, people do use it in their answers and we do accept it.

Regarding "no water", we currently take it as the equivalent of "žádnou vodu". This policy may be adjusted in future.

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