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  5. "Žofie se zajímá o Matěje."

"Žofie se zajímá o Matěje."

Translation:Žofie is interested in Matěj.

September 12, 2017



When hovering over 'o' in this sentence it plays 'velké o', despite one of these words not being in the sentence. Is this a beta bug?


So Matěj is Matěje when it is in the accusative?


Is there a perfective pair to this verb? Thanks in advance. :)


I wrote Matěje and was corrected in the answer that it was Matěj. Isn't it Matěje in the Accusative?


Yes, "Matěje" IS the accusative. So there could have been something else in your answer that DL didn't like. It's helpful to post the entire sentence, so that the volunteers can identify why an answer was not accepted.


Mateje is the accusative. But when translating the sentence to English, it should be written as Matej because no accusative case in English for names.

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