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I Found a Great Kiswahili Music Website!

Every time I try to look up Kiswahili music to listen to while I practice on Duolingo, all of the sites are blocked (Nina kompyuta ya shule)! I found an amazing music site that you should check out whether music sites are blocked for you or not! It has African music in Kiswahili, English, and other African languages (Like Afrikaans and others) too! This site has so much to offer!


I hope you like it!

September 12, 2017



I will check it out at home. Thanks! Is YouTube blocked too?


It was when I made this post but for some reason it's unblocked now XD


Napenda Wasafi Records na Vee Money! <3


Oooooh Vilevile napenda Teknomiles!


I am only 8 years old right now so I am not able to login with an Email address ThatSnailDude. What do you want me to do? My brothers have an Email address, but I don't know if I can use theirs.


You shouldn't give out your age to other people. I'm sorry that you can't use an email but you could ask your brothers if you want.

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