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  5. "주방에 음식이 있습니다."

"주방에 음식이 있습니다."

Translation:There is food in the kitchen.

September 12, 2017



interestingly, kitchen in chinese is chu fang (similar to 주방) which explains the existence of this word and makes me think either might be used in different situations.


I was taught 부엌 as well

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According to the National Institute of Korean Language, they mean the same thing. Most differences come down to personal preference. Some people say 주방 sounds more like a kitchen in a restaurant, and 부엌 like a kitchen at home, but as you can hear in this TTMIK podcast, 사람마다 달라요.


I think theyre just synonyms, but im not an expert. Maybe a mod or a korean can chime in on if there are subtle differences.


Having a room for chew(ing) just sounds better.


Food in the kitchen:

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