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  5. "찬장에 그릇들이 많이 없습니다."

"찬장에 그릇들이 많이 없습니다."

Translation:There are not many dishes in the cabinet.

September 12, 2017



I learned 그릇 as "bowl." Is it used interchangeably with dish?


Yeah I learned 그릇 as "bowl" and 접시 as "plate"


It is also a counter for dishes.


I mean i know english does stuff like this too but it seems odd that the word can have a vague meaning or a specific meaning.

Its like the one word (푸른 maybe?) that can mean blue or green


Some languages draw the lines between colors at different places than others, depending on cultural significance. If a staple of their diet is yellow-green and a highly poisonous and common plant is green-yellow, there would be significantly different names for these colors that people in that culture would all recognize. This happens across many cultures and languages in various categories, but most prominently with regard to blue-green. https://www.daytranslations.com/blog/2017/05/language-changes-color-blue-green-distinction-8768/


The cabinet for everyday dishes is called a cupboard.


I believe you mean a kitchen cabinet. Only unwanted magical British children are found inside cupboards.


The English sentence meaning is not really the same with the korean one


could you say 별로에요?


Certainly you can write《그릇이 별로 없다》(there are not so many dishes), but as far as I know, 별로예요 (note that it is written with , not ) means "not too good". Therefore 그릇이 별로예요 would mean "dishes are not too good"


그릇 = dish, plate, bowl 그릇은 먹을 것을 담는 식사 도구를 부르는 것이고 그릇 중 평평한 것이 접시라고 불립니다.

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