"Tohoto chlapce a tento automobil poznávám."

Translation:I recognize this boy and this car.

September 13, 2017

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"I am recognizing" is rarely used in English, and it is not correct in this sentence.


I wrote "I know this boy and this car". I am a native US English speaker and this would be a perfectly good sentence. In seeing a new person entering the picture, a person would be as likely to say to another, "I know him" as to say "I recognize him".


I am native AmE, and it is indeed, as you say, a perfectly good sentence. But it is not a translation of the Czech original.


can someone please write the reason "tato" instead of "tento" is wrong?


tato is feminine nominative singular or nominative and accusative neuter plural

tento is masculine inanimate nominative or accusative singular - here accusative

Be sure to read the Tips if you didn't do that yet. A declension table might help https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/tento#Declension


I am not a native English speaker, sorry, but as I know here may be not recognise, but know. I translated "poznávám" to english and got "I know", so why know is not correct?

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