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  5. "이 빵은 어떤 빵입니까?"

" 빵은 어떤 빵입니까?"

Translation:What kind of bread is this bread?

September 13, 2017



Yeah, you could just leave off 이 빵은. These lessons are just teaching you very formal and grammatically correct ways to write. People don't really speak this way.


That would be the point. You really do have to start at the more complex and complete in order to learn what you can leave out later on.


Most of the time you would probably say "이건" in lieu of "이 빵은" at best. You say this when you want to pinpoint what you are referring to, which usually cannot be guessed from context.


But that's the chapter name, you can look at the name "Formal"


Another interesting example of repeating nouns. Is there not a more casual was to ask this?


"이것은 무슨 빵입니까?"

"What kind of bread is this?"

I would say the original Korean sentence doesn't really sound unnatural to me; I think one definitely may repeat 빵 when both the subject and the complement are emphasised. I am adding alternative answers without repetition of the same word, but I am not entirely sure as to whether such repetition is more common in Korean than it is in English.


I think some people are missing the point of the exercises. These sentences appear to combine past and present learning topics, and sometimes a complex sentence for beginners can sound really bizarre or unnecessarily complicated. If we were learning phrases, then I would question the examples (like the one above). However, the intent is to learn a skill and apply that knowledge to everyday conversations. With more practice, we can begin to form (hopefully, not as strange ;b) sentences of our own. 화이팅!


"What kind of bread is this?" is just opting to not repeat the noun.


Could it also be: What is this kind of bread?


i said " this bread is what kind of bread" and got it wrong, isn't it the same the thibg?


Your grammer is wrong, the answer should be something more like "what kind of bread is this bread?" :)


The question mark should be at the begining of the sentence ..


It's the kind of bread that you get


could i say 이 빵의 이름은 뭐습니까? For what is this bread's name/ what is this bread called?




Scenario: An extremely naive and innocent child with his grandpa. Grandpa: gives him cake Have some BREAD, my boy Child: takes the "bread" eats some What kind of bread is this????


LeT's GeT tHiS bReAd


Alot of these lessons are keep extra words in the sentence where in conversational korean they would be omitted because every subject you are talking about would be mentioned once and never explicitly said again.


어떤 vs 어느? Anyone can explain please? I feel that a lot of nuances aren't explained well.


Omg I put "what kind of bread is bread" because Duo be makin some crazy stuff up sometimes.... Thanks a lot lol


what?? I am not a native speaker of English and I do not quite understand the concept of a sentence


It is asking the type of bread (i.e white, wholemeal) but it is phrased very formally

You would just leave off 이 빵은


Dou ask soobin,you know soobin??


And Taehyung... (maybe if I ate bread like Soobin, I might grow taller.. Makes sense) bye random person scrolling through the comments or your email... I should go eat bread


ooooooooooooo.............i should also eat bread.......


Almost had 16 in a row which is hard for me in this lesson but I put "kinda of" instead of "kind of."


I answered "this bread, what kind is it?" And got it wrong, but i think (in english) it is grammatically correct and is a rephrasing of "what kind of bread is this?" so should that not be correct? Forgive me, I'm still having trouble with some of these concepts. Thank you to anyone who answers!


اني مو بس محتارة بالكوري حتى الانجليزية ملطمة عندي


my idiot self said "what kind of bread is bread"

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