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How exercise will help you learn a new language

Learning a second language as an adult is difficult. But the process may be eased if you exercise while learning!!!!!

A new study reports that working out during a language class amplifies people’s ability to memorize, retain and understand new vocabulary. The findings provide more evidence that to engage our minds, we should move our bodies.

In recent years, a wealth of studies in both animals and people have shown that we learn differently if we also exercise. Lab rodents given access to running wheels create and maintain memories better than animals that are sedentary, for instance. And students consistently perform better on academic tests if they participate in some kind of physical activity during the school day.

Many scientists suspect that exercise alters the biology of the brain in ways that make it more malleable and receptive to new information, a process that scientists refer to as plasticity.

But many questions have remained unanswered about movement and learning, including whether exercise is most beneficial before, during or after instruction and how much and what types of exercise might be best.

September 13, 2017



I believe it has a lot to do with blood flow. Helps feed the brains, that and activity keep the brain from being bored. Your brain does many things with the information it receives. But two main thing it does is; it decides rather the information is important or if it should be sent to long term . Mabe when you exercise or have been exercising. The brain may relate the information as a relative part of survival. Just a thought :) thanks for the post topic interesting for sure.


This is really interesting! Maybe I should start running around the house with my computer while doing Duolingo! XD Nah, but this is seriously interesting. Thanks for sharing! :)


Really cool! I guess I'm doing something right when I strengthen my skills on the mobile app while I hula hoop!


So watching animated comedies that are pretty vulgar and full of swear words in Spanish while power working out is helping meh! Schweet. (South Park en Espanol). Jaja... actually I do notice my workout goes quicker if I listen to Spanish pop music. I am more focused on the words than the pain of the work out I guess.


thanks for sharing, I will give this a try


I hate exercising the only thing i like to do is walking in the woods for a few hours but i don't have internet over there


super interesting! Thanks for Posting!

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