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"Do you even know how to drive?"

Translation:Umíš vůbec řídit?

September 13, 2017



"Víš vubec jack rídit" není zprávné?


I will add "Víš vůbec jak řídit?". It is not the best one, but possible. I think is more natural when it continues ... ...na sněhu. (on the snow)
...jak se řídí tank? ...how to drive a tank?

It is NOT used to ask someone if he knows how to drive a car in a default situation. It is more about some knowledge how about driving in a special situation.

Please use the report for cases like this one. Make sure you have no typos.


Umíš řídit vůbec? And can we use ještě for even?


That does not sound good. Note that the vůbec should relate to umíš, not to řídit.

Ještě certainly cannot be used.


Will "Umíš dokonce řídit?" work? What other words instead of vůbec would fit here?


I'm afraid no other word can replace "vůbec" here. It's tricky to explain how "vůbec" works, because it usually corresponds to "(not) at all" in English - in negative sentences, but not in positive ones.

"Umíš dokonce řídit?" would more likely be phrased as "Ty umíš dokonce řídit?" and it would be a surprised question "You (actually) even know how to drive? - in addition to your already impressive set of skills?"

On the other hand, the question with vůbec (Umíš vůbec řídit?) is incredulous - I don't believe you can drive.

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