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  5. "Kateřina jí kuře."

"Kateřina kuře."

Translation:Kateřina is eating chicken.

September 13, 2017



Why not Kateřina eats a chicken


That is strange. She eats a single chicken repeatedly? I am not a native English speaker, but I would understand "Kateřina eats a chicken every week." meaning she eats one per week, but I don't like just "Kateřina eats a chicken.".


maybe under some specific conversations this could make sense in english as in this hypothetical conversation: "what does katerina eat when she is really angry/sad/mad/happy/silly?" to which the reply is "she eats a chicken" which would be what she does under those circumstances. so, i think eating 'a chicken' is fine in the right context, but agree that on a regular bases, like every wednesday night, 'k. eats chicken' makes more sense in that context.


"a chicken" has to be added as one of the correct answers.


I have added "a chicken" to the accepted alternatives, since "the chicken" was already there. However, I would suggest it is much less likely to be used than the simple "Kateřina is eating chicken."

With regard to "the," "Kateřina is eating the chicken"could mean that, for example, out of three available dishes, she has chosen the chicken dish, rather than that she is eating an actual chicken (also possible but less likely).

If the Czech natives on the team feel that "a" is completely inappropriate here, I will delete that alternative.


I assume the audio when you hover on "kuře" is incorrect? Sounds like "ku-a-jey" to me (though it's fine when the sentence plays together).


Yeah, it's definitely incorrect. There should be no stop in the middle of the word.


Unfortunately i am unable to listen individually to sounds that occur when one hovers. But if it is different from what I can hear here in the debate, it is likely wrong. The sound here in this debate is what it should sound like.


"Kateřina is eating a chicken" is the mistake? Why? I have prinscreen.


jenda48, see my post above. i think in some circumstances it makes perfect sense to eat 'a chicken' while in others, just 'chicken' makes more sense. context dependent.


Is Kateřina eats chicken accepted?

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