"The woman is very clever."

Translation:La femme est très intelligente.

March 12, 2013

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Fine...... means clever ??? Any French speakers aware of this ?

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I couldn't find any examples of its use in that way by searching the internet, but I did find it in the online Larousse - definition #5: http://www.larousse.fr/dictionnaires/francais-anglais/fin/33723?q=fine

I'd be interested to hear how common this is.


Not even in slang have I ever heard "fine" used to mean "clever." This is a questionable translation.

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Well, I have now put a query to the wider community. We'll see what answers come back.

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And the consensus seems to be that "fin/fine" is used in this way, but it is much more commonly used to mean "slim".

One person said: "In ambiguous contexts (like the sentence you're mentioning), I would avoid using fin to mean clever. From my experience, the most frequent use of fin in that meaning is in "C'est pas fin !", or sarcastically in "C'est fin !", to express that the chosen course of action was not the best."

Et voila.


how about maline?


Why is the third choice "La fiancée est très fine." Not also correct?

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"La fiancée" is not "the woman".

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