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"Nu vil kunstneren øge mængden af farver."

Translation:Now the artist wants to increase the amount of colors.

September 13, 2017


[deactivated user]

    The English sentence is very awkward.


    Something is off, indeed. Because “colors” is the plural form of a countable noun, we should be talking about the number rather than the amount of colors.


    Yeah usually we would put the "now" at the end. The way it is currently puts the emphasis is on NOW. As if you had suggested to the artist that they should add more colours but they ignored you. Then further down the line (perhaps when it is awkward to do so) they finally change their mind "NOW the artist wants to add more colours! That will be so much more work for me!".


    Well, you just gave a plausible scenario for wanting to start with the temporal adverb in both the English and the Danish sentences.

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