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  5. "한국에 살지 마세요."

"한국에 살지 마세요."

Translation:Do not live in Korea.

September 13, 2017



Hmm... Well there go my plans for the future. Thanks, Duo.


ㅋㅋㅋ 나도요.


With North Korea threatening missile launches to South Korea recently, I think Duo gives some pretty great advice. (2017-09-16)


I love that you dated this. I wish comments had date tags. Would be fun to see. Esp. when current events are mentioned.


Don't they threaten South Korea with missile launches all the time? On my last trip to Korea, none of my wife's family there seemed worried about it.

Hopefully nothing bad happens!


Despite what many of you think, North Korea isn't THAT stupid enough to do that...


네. 항상이에요. 그런대 항상에 괜찮아요. Yeah all the time but nothing happens.


I like that now, just a few months later, they're potentially going to have peace talks! (2018-05-02)


2020-06-24 Wierd year overall. Those peace talks did not have a desired effect.


And now Kim Jong Un might be in a coma and his sister might be the new leader. 2020.8.24


The rumors have been proven wrong. Kim isn't dead or in coma. That sister of his hasn't become the leader. North Korea and South Korea haven't established peace yet. 23/12/2020


Now we are in LOCKDOWN because of COVID-19 since march 2020. (16/05/2021)


오늘는 27/7/2021 ... 안녕하십니까?


koreaboos take note


Maybe "Do not live in Korea" is not the best choice of sentences to give the users when they're trying to learn the language native to Korea :D


Korea has an unfortunate working culture that is far too many hours per day, unpaid overtime even!

The only thing that will quickly change that is a counter culture movement with psychedelics


hey canada has that problem too, or at least my area. seems like there would be no change here :/


Yeah right, theres no way psychedelics will ever be common there


Too many hours?? How many on average? Any idea?


Living in Korea is so dope though although there is a distinct lack of psychedelics.


왜? 저는 한국을 좋아요.


I can't stop me, can't stop me, can't stope me~


The hidden messages of Duo.


Thanks for the vote of confidence!


Do tell me what to do Duolingo


Just here for the comments


i'll chill in the us then


Naw! ... don't let these comments misguide you. I've lived in Korea, and fell in love with a Korean woman. As with every nation, there were a few who didn't like me because I'm American; but they were few. I love Korea; it's a beautiful country with beautiful, hard working, intelligent and compassionate people.


Some subjects are difficult because some will take offense even though none was intended. The Army send me to Korea in 1962. Korea was poor and devastated by the Japanese occupation followed by the Korean conflict. The military junta had recently taken power from the civilian government. There were few factories and jobs for men. Women had few opportunities and some had to resort to prostitution in order to support their families. Many felt education of women was a wasted effort.

The US military through agreements with Korea had Korean soldier attached to their units. These Korean soldier because of the need to speak English, some better than others, usually came from upper class families and had graduated from high school and many had attended college if not graduated. Korean soldiers were poorly paid and, unless their family sent them money, could not afford the cafeteria nor the theater unless treated by an American. Therefore, most spent their time in the recreational facilities for the soldiers.

Unfortunately, many black soldiers who had suffered discrimination themselves, discriminated against the Korean solders attached to their unit and the Korean women who worked in the bars including prostitutes. The Korean soldiers attached to American units did not want to go to regular Korean units where life was difficult. Because of this, the Korean soldiers usually took the abuse although many were adept is martial arts and could have easily defended themselves. In any conflict with the Americans, the Korean was automatically at fault and sent to a regular Korean unit and punished.

In light of the above, Blacks have an unsavory reputation among many Koreans. Many of these Korean soldiers attached to American units have achieved great success in business and politics. They have no forgotten about how blacks treated them during their service.

Of course there were blacks who treated their Korean counter parts as equals. There were marriages between blacks and Korean women. On going to America some of these women experiences additional discrimination from the families of their husbands and black women incensed that a black man married outside the black community.

Korea has come a long way, women usually attend school and many have attended and graduated from college. However, women are still not equal in every profession. My niece who graduated second in her engineering department was the last to get a job offer. She is now a successful engineer here in the US.

I believed that immigrants can bring benefits to their new country. However, every country has the right to set the standards for whom they welcome. Illegal immigration is too often a burden on the host country. Too often they are poorly educated and often illiterate. Many make little effort to learn the primary language of the county and consider themselves citizens of their native country while demanding all the rights of citizens of the host county. I have often volunteered in public schools to hopefully encourage immigrants, legal or otherwise, to become Americans and how to succeed in the US.

I lived about eight years in the far east including Korea and another four years in Europe. Of all the countries where I have lived or visited there is none that I would choose over the USA. My wife who experienced the Japanese occupation, the communist from Russia and China, the Korean conflict, retrieving her brother's remains from VietNam and moving numerous times around the world tells my siblings that they have never experienced war nor been third class citizens in their own country even though her family was highly education consisting to teachers, school principals, doctors, nurses, and engineers. The Japanese were no better than the Nazi, communists and dictators around the world. Were I forced to leave the US, Korea is not that bad of a choice. I would choose Korea over Europe as Korea is more free.

Read "Atlas Shrugged"


Yeah I watched some YT vids about how do locals feel about living in KR - mentioning how it was hard to find a job, the hierarchical work culture, the huge diff between rich and poor, etc. Also, watching kdramas would give you a hint or perspective on how the culture and ethics is likely in KR. Regardless, I still think that every country has its pros and cons and I would still love to explore KR and see things with my own eyes.


I can see Duolingo linguist have bad experience there. Why don't u share with us


This comment is so underrated :(


i did all that work on duolingo just to get this!


Well i wanna live there.


조선민주주의인민공화국에 살고 싶다.

[deactivated user]

    South Korea is a safe and livable country. I enjoy living here (2019-9-25). No threats of nuclear missles


    Is this a warning??


    Korean people to foreigners be like


    Too late. Been here for three years and loved every minute of it.


    Can't change my decision now, Duo! I already have major plans to do so.

    [deactivated user]

      I agree. Living in remote areas of korea is not good idea. Moreover houses are superexpensive in seoul. Thanks duo


      Is that a warning?


      왜? I want to have my 어빠!

      [deactivated user]

        Im gonna


        Wait so is this like the 'imparative'?


        More lile a polite demand..


        Not all, but some koreans are really stuck up when it comes to South East Asians. They feel some sort of superiority because they perceive us as lowly, dirty and poor people. So yeah, may visit Korea someday, but no way I'd live there.


        왜요? 한국은 매우 좋은곳에요!


        Definitely live in Korea (2020-05-09)


        Is it the same Duolingo that says Korea is the safest country?


        Duo, Korea is paradise compared to A rgentina... Believe me


        Be Korea, instead. It'll be cheaper.


        왜 한국에 살지 말라는건데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


        If i shouldn't go to south korea then why i m learning it lol...but duo i have own plans in korea so sorry this won't be accepted


        I was planning to go Korea but my plans are ruined.


        How can I not live in Korea


        As if i have the money to do so.


        May I know if it is north or south korea, because when i typed - Do not live in SOUTH KOREA, it marked wrong

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