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  5. "Čí je to jméno?"

"Čí je to jméno?"

Translation:Whose name is that?

September 13, 2017



Is "Whose is that name?" wrong because it's wrong on the account of English Grammar, or because it wasn't added as a valid option to the Czech translation? (I'm asking because suddenly I'm not sure, and google bares no fruits on that one)


I also put "Whose is that name?" Both forms should be correct in standard English: https://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/en/english-grammar/possessives/possessives-questions


And I put "Whose is the name?" which ought to work, too.


It guess it was not accepted as a valid translation, it wasn't deemed incorrect English. I have added it because you can parse the sentence in two ways:

(Čí je to) jméno. Whose name is that?

Čí je (to jméno)? Whose is that name?

This is possible because jméno is neuter. For other genders these two option are distinct.

Čí je ta hlava?

Čí je to hlava?


It does not seem to have been added. I put "Whose is that name?". Rejected. I reported it.


It is certainly accepted. Make sure that it wasn't actually a "type what you hear" exercise.

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