Can I have an explanation about this ?

Hi there, I dont get why : -first, I'am wrong about this answer : I can say "krant" right (I know de/het for krant but krant is correct?) ?

-why the "correct" answer is NOT in the suggest ideas of answer ?


1 year ago

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Yes, this is a very annoying bug.

Most sentences have many possible translations. When you give a wrong answer (one that is not in the list), Duolingo will try to find the "closest" correct answer. It assumes that is the one you were trying to enter and gives it as a correction. The algorithm that determines which translation is "closest" is obviously not working very well.

For the sentence above, correct answers are "de krant" and "het nieuwsblad". The second one is not taught in the course, nor is it not very common, so it's not given as a hint.

When you give the incorrect answer "het krant", Duolingo thinks (for some weird reason) that you wanted to say "het nieuwsblad" and gives that as a correction. It focuses on the article instead of the noun.

I suggest filing a bug report here:

I've already reported this same issue, but it helps to draw more attention to it. Make sure to include those screenshots and a detailed explanation.

1 year ago

I'll do that, thanks for the complete informations ! ;)

1 year ago
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