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  5. "Vás nepotřebuju."

"Vás nepotřebuju."

Translation:I do not need you.

September 13, 2017



I'm a bit confused about "I do not need". In this question, it's "nepotřebuju", but in another question in this bullet (`Já ji nepotřebuji.') it was "nepotrřebuji". Are both allowed? If yes, what is the difference?


Class III verbs (those ending with -je in 3rd person singular) have two possible endings in 1st person singular: -u and -i.

-u is more colloquial, -i more formal. And it's also a matter of where you come from, I suppose. A person from Moravia is more likely to use -i, I think.


Moreover, -u is used more often in spoken language, -i in written. Many native speakers use this ambiguity.


When is I need potrebuju or potrebuji or doesn"t matter which is used. The explanation below doesn"t explain that.


-u is more progressive, -i is formal


Does the order of words in such kind of sentences make difference? Will it be incorrect if I say "nepotřebuju vás"?


It does. Difference in emphasis. 'Vás NEPOTŘEBUJU.' vs 'Nepotřebuju VÁS.'

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