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  5. "Vy kupujete vajíčka kde?"

"Vy kupujete vajíčka kde?"

Translation:Where do you buy eggs?

September 13, 2017



It's similar in Russian. Gdě vy pokupaětě jajíčkí?


I'm baffled to see how many word orders seem possible in Czech. Why wouldn't the interrogative adverb be absolutely first in an interrogative sentence?


It can. That's the problem. Kde kupujete vajíčka. is most likely the most common word order. But the 'kde' at the end is totally possible. It emphasizes that you want to know where they buy them. Which may sound silly, since the original question is also about where.... But you can do the same in English. "and you buy those eggs where?"


This sentence isn't completely neutral - in order for this sentence to make sense, there would have to have been a conversation about places where you can buy eggs beforehand and then you could ask a person where THEY SPECIFICALLY buy eggs.


Can I in the written form distinguish this question from "Where are you buying eggs?" as opposed to "Where do you buy eggs?" There is enough nuance in English to consider them not completely equivalent. Is it the same in Czech? Is syntax completely irrelevant in Czech? Does it just depend on intonation and context?


The syntax is flexible, yet, different word orders may put emphasis on what it is we are the most interested in in that question.

I. e. KDE KUPUJETE VEJCE?. this is completely neutral question. We are simply asking where you buy egss.

KDE VY KUPUJETE VEJCE? i am interested particularly where YOU buy eggs. I have just told you I buy them in Tesco and I want to know where you go for them.

VEJCE KUPUJETE KDE? I am particularly interested where you buy EGGS. I do not care where you buy milk or bread.

Answer to all 3 question is the same. Walmart....

And a lot can be said by emphasis. Which I am not able to put on paper.

Difference between "buying" and "buy" is likely even more nuanced in Czech (in this particular case).

Buying = kupujete buy = nakupujete


I tried: Where do you buy eggs from? Could this be correct as well?


'where from' = "odkud"


Why is kupovat translated to simple present now? Isn't that supposed to be koupit?


No, koupit is perfective. We need an imperfective verb, we buy them repeatedly, it is not about where we bough our eggs today (that would be koupit).


Okay, i think i get it. I thought in this chapter we'd start with only the perfective forms - for the sake of less confusion.

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