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  5. "Streets are not short."

"Streets are not short."

Translation:Ulice nejsou krátké.

September 13, 2017



Sorry - new to this. I typed Ulici and the answer was Ulice as I thought ulici was the plural. Other questions where I used the right word but the wrong ending/spelling were marked as typo but this one was marked as the wrong word - which it isn't.


Well, the answers are evaluated by a computer. When you make a typo, let's say you type Urice, they system will see one letter off and evaluate it as a typo. But, if you manage to create another existing word, it sees it as a word that also exists and tells you it was wrong. As if you typed god vs. good.


The correct is ulici!!!


Confusingly, "ulice" is also the nominative plural of "ulice." "Ulici," on the other hand, is accusative singular, which is the wrong case here.

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