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The journey ends after 1262 days :(

Today I lost my streak after 1262 days and somehow it is a relief. Most people with a decent streak will recognize the feeling that you must not forget Duolingo every day. It has been part of my live for the last 3,5 years and it brought me joy and happy learnings. I have mastered Spanish and Italian pretty decent, the trees have both been done and goldified several times. But my knowledge is unfortunately not as good as I hoped. I can read both languages pretty well, but enjoying a conversation with a Spanish person is not one of the strong points of Duolingo teaching. For that you need to move on to other resources.

The really strong point of Duolingo is the fact that the streak keeps you coming back, but it doesn't teach you/guide you to learn the speed you need for listening to the words or conversation skills. During my holiday in Spain, I followed several comic with subtitles and that really helped me picking up the speed with relative simple sentences. So I think I am going to explore new ways of learning Spanish and Italian outside Duolingo....

September 13, 2017



yes! i agree with you. I left duolingo for the same reason but occasionally i return to read the forums. I found this series... there are a lot of videos . I can understand and have conversations in Spanish now and i owe a lot of it to these videos. i have put the link to the first video here for you ...i hope that it helps you the same as it did me.. good luck!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_v7pl_bzaU



sorry to hear about your streak.

You could throw some money at DuoLingo buy buying your streak (repair) back on the mobile applications IOS / Android :-)

How about writing in your target languages?
Those DuoLingo sentences are too short and not put into a real life / context, aren't they?

You are not doing the reverse tree's or using Camilo's user script "DuoLingo tree enhancer" for forward courses, aren't you?


Where is Camilo's user script "Duolingo tree enhancer" found?


Thomas Heiss' suggestion of doing the reverse tree is a good one. It sounds like you have progressed so far that you don't need it, but you might want to give it a try, to see. . . . The series of YouTube videos that corbiltay links to looks really good, too, since it appears to be completely in Spanish. And don't forget reading practice, too.


have you tried the spanish tree from italian or the italian tree from spanish. these might work to keep learning on duo productive. are you doing the german tree from italian or spanish? buona fortuna.


Don't worry, what's important is the knowledge :)


I lost a 994 day streak myself. It was simultaneously crushing and a huge relief. I began to do longer backpacking trips. So, you saying you felt relief after losing such a long streak, I can empathize. :) Yet, I had a hard time self-motivating to study a language for a while after that. More recently, however, I started a new tree and finished it. Built up a 50 day streak and let it go for a backpacking trip. And then I came back and picked up reviewing the material of the tree I'd just finished. Things turned out alright. :)

I agree with your assessment of Duolingo courses. They are good for learning how to read. For conversation, people will likely have to put themselves out there, stretch other mental muscles that these courses have not engaged (such as listening, for hearing people, and making up our own sentences fast enough to respond in a conversation.)

Duolingo is a good start. And, there is also a wider world of resources out there that we would do well not to neglect.

I hope you have a great time expanding your studies into more conversational areas. I hope you will consider coming back to update us on where you've gone, in terms of progress while you've been away :)


I lost my 5 day streak, it may not seem like alot but it was a big deal to me. We will be okay :(


Maybe some of the podcasts listed here will be of use for Italian: http://www.fluentu.com/blog/italian/italian-podcast/ I think I particularly like #8 and #9.


I am sorry about your streak, I understand what you are saying, but is is probably sad to let it go. You need more resources to learn a language. The best resource is a friend or tutor to speak and be corrected. Buena suerte con tus idiomas, pero no dejes que la perdida del streak te quite la motivación.


Thank you @coldasice26 , such good advice. It gives me another avenue to look into. Best of luck!


Oh no I feel sooo bad it’s ok u can always earn it once again I happened to me before but I am ragaing it Little by little it’s

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