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Bug: text with correction shows uncorrected (but underlined) words

I am doing the spanish for english speakers course on my ipad. Since the last update, any error i make will still result in a box with the corrected text, with the faulty words underlined. only the underlined words are shown exactly as i typed them, errors included. It's hard to see exactly what i did wrong.

it would be nice if this could be solved.

April 1, 2014



Thanks! We will fix this soon.


Luis, another iOS issue I've noticed a few times is when you're supposed to be saying the words into the microphone, the microphone button on screen "sticks" and will not activate. The only way I've found to continue (despite trying a number of things to wake it up!) is to turn the mic off for an hour.


Are there any plans to fix the issue with mouse-over translation and audio bugging out when a word plus punctuation begins a new line (on the web-app)? It's not too common an occurrence, but frustrating when it does occur, especially to a new word that prevents seeing the translation for the first time! I've reported it previously- here's a video demonstration. :)



Great report! I'm having the same issue except mine is on the iPhone. I have four or five screen captures of recent examples, including one this morning, if the team needs me to e-mail them.


For over a month, the feature (that allows a student to record and play back their vocalization of Spanish) has been missing. Was the feature rescinded, or is it just a glitch?

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