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Spanish vs German

Hi everyone. I have a question. Which is more popular , spanish or german ?? I need your answers. Now I want to focus one of these languages.

Thanks for answering !

September 13, 2017



Spanish: One of the most popular and most useful. Spanish is spoken throughout the world including: Mexico, Central America, South America, and in North America. Spanish is also more useful in America than German. So, my option would be that Spanish is the better language of the two.


Yeah, I vote Spanish.


spanish is but i prefer german


Spanish has 100 million students in Duolingo. German has 36.5 million.

Worldwide, the population of Spanish (actually: Castilian) native speakers is ~450 million, ~100 million speak it as their second language. German native speakers number 95 million, with about 12 million speaking it as their second language.


Thanks for your answer. I've searched wikipedia and Spanish is more spoken than German. I will learn Spanish immediately !!!


You're welcome. Maybe some time you will also get around to learn some German, you won't regret it either.


I vote german I'm goin' to Germany


I vote Spanish. Especially since I can speak it super fluent.


Spanish is the most popular second language in the world, I believe. However, what matters most is what you need. I'm planing to move to German speaking area so I'm learning German.


Spanish. It spoken in Spain, Mexico and large parts of the South American continent. German is spoken in Germany and a few nearby countries such as Austria and Switzerland.

If I remember right Spanish is the 3rd most spoken language in the world and German is at about 10.

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