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  5. "Мені треба їхати у лікарню."

"Мені треба їхати у лікарню."

Translation:I need to go to a hospital.

September 13, 2017



Be sure to include the article before "hospital". "I need to go to hospital" is understandable, but it is more correct to say "I need to go to the hospital" or "I need to go to a hospital". Hopefully, nobody argues with your grammar in your time of need.


I think I had a similar situation with "play piano" and "play the piano", one being BrE and one AmE... Is it the same here? :)


Yes, in American English, we say "go to a hospital" or "go to the hospital," and in British English, they say "go to hospital" (no article).


As an American speaker, I would say both "I play piano" (to indicate "I have that skill") and "I play the piano" (either to express that I have the skill, or to say that I'm playing a particular piano). I would not say "go to hospital," though; I would always use an article. But "go to hospital" definitely does sound British to my American ear. Maybe a British speaker can verify that.


I agree that it sounds unnatural, so I removed this option from the default translations, now the default ones are only with "a" or "the". Still left it as an acceptable answer because I don't think there is such a thing as "more correct" :) It's either incorrect - then it should be removed, or it can be just less common or regional, then it should stay but not be a default answer.

Are you a native speaker? What would you say? It's correct but less common or incorrect?


'Treba' always 'need to' ? Not 'have to' or 'should'?



Need -> треба, потрібно, необхідно

Must, have to -> мушу, маю


Huh. I'm not entirely sure what the difference is, at least within the context of English. There the two are, as far as i know, effectively interchangeable.

I assume in the latter case (must/have to) there is a sense that it's externally imposed?

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