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Some XP Numbers in Rankings are Hilarious!

I have one that added me recently that already has like 14000xp this week. We are on Wednesday in some places of the world barely starting it. How is this possible? LOL! Even doing nothing but Duolingo the whole day and taking some time out to sleep, eat, or shower, that is still like 5-7 duolingo lessons PER MINUTE! Yeah right....

UPDATE Interestingly enough, the person with all that XP suddenly disappeared from my follower list! I found their profile again by finding the old notification of them adding me still in the drop-down menu on my profile page. Their high XP numbers have all been wiped clean! They are no more! They only have now 3000 something both in this week, this month, and since all time. Same number for all 3 categories. All followers and following have been reset to zero. It's the same thing that happened before to another one with super inflated numbers. They just disappeared, like account deleted or something. That time I didn't think to look in the old notifications to see if they still exist on Duo. It looks like sometimes Duo resets accounts if they catch hackers.

2nd Update This guy is definitely a hacker!! His XP just jumped from 3000 to 31000 in only 2 hours!

**Lol....and now a few hours later he is at 70000! He might even actually learn a few words in the process.

-Now in 1 day he has gone from zero in Spanish to nearly level 25! And 25 in English.

September 13, 2017



Testing out of a language you know gives you all the XP for that language's lessons. I tested out of the entire Swedish course over a couple of evenings and got several thousand XP for it for a couple of half hours or so of actual work. Testing out of the German course (which is large) would give even more.


I tested out of the English, and Spanish course. Each test took me to just level 10 with 1250xp at most. Even if a person knew more languages than that, they would have to test out of many more crossed courses to do that, for example Spanish for English Speakers, Spanish for X-language speakers, X-language for English speakers, and so on.

That is a lot of work for a sane person. I was recently swiftly visited by some "Mortal Insect" in my Portuguese club, who joined the club, tested out to 1140xp taking the first place for him, and then left right after. /// The Duolingo app has a bug that allows that user to keep the first place even after having left club, so my guess is that what we got here is a "troll", jumping from club to club claiming their first places. At the end of the week we'll all see the message saying "X-user was the winner of the leaderboard last week" even after having left the club.

Trust me, it has happened to me before.


14000xp/10 xp/lesson= 1400 lessons. 1400 lessons/3 days~466 lessons/day. Assuming that someone is a very high level and can breeze through duolingo lessons, 466 lessons*3 minutes/lesson~1398 minutes or 23.3 hours. hanspersson presents the only logical explanation because I have no clue how someone would fake xp on the rankings.


Anybody doing that much Duolingo (and legitimate cases of very high usage levels do exist) would undoubtedly use timed practice, thereby easily halving your time estimates (my personal mark for a 20 XP timed practice is often around 3 minutes). But doing such for any length of time would undoubtedly increase one's speed; I have seen claims of up to 700 XP/hour achieved in timed practice (not that I necessarily suspect that's what happened in the case referenced here).


Before I go to Spain on holiday, I reset my Spanish course and test-out, then revise what's not golden to be fresh when I go. That makes it look like I've done a tonne each time (about once every 2 years).


There was one that was much, much higher in my friend list before, but they suddenly disappeared. That same day a Duo staffer wrote something in the forums about people using hacks or glitches in the system would be deleted, so it is possible.


Hahaha, yes, some people hack the system, nothing new here ( XP means nothing, btw, but I guess some people just like to show off )


I once accidentally deleted my finished Spanish tree when I was at Level 18. When I re-added it and tested out I immediately received 10,000 or 11,000 XP. Maybe something like that happened.


Testing out a whole tree gives you around 3,000 points. Some users accumulate around 40,000 XPs every week, (so they are not reseting and then testing out again, because their XPs are always added, not substracted and then added again).

So yes, some people cheat, who cares :-)

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