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  5. "Nejsi stará!"

"Nejsi stará!"

Translation:You are not old!

September 13, 2017



What about nejseš and jseš. This is what is most commonly heard in everyday Czech (which is what people need to learn in order to understand and communicate in real life situations)


Well, yes. But no. We have a "street" language lesson at the end of the course but as any language course grammatically incorrect language is not taught. Sadly many Czechs believe that jseš is the supreme grammatically correct expression over jsi.


I agree. Anyone can speak a language badly.
The job of Duo is to teach what would be taught in courses in their schools that teach Czech to children.

I teach English writing. For English, Duo's job is to teach what is taught in English classes.

As a teacher (in a university), I know that many Americans can't write well, and many speak with bad grammar. That is why, in a university, students are required to take classes in composition (English).

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