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  5. "Writing a letter is fun."

"Writing a letter is fun."

Translation:편지를 쓰는 것은 즐거워요.

September 13, 2017



것이 should also be correct...


것 - thing

1) The expression to consider here is

"VerbStem는 것" = the act of Verb-ing

or from the given example:

쓰는 것 = the act of writing/the writing

So: this expression helps to modify a verb/a simple clause into a noun.

2) Markers (topic or subject or object or other postpositions) can then be added to the modified noun to make a sentence.

In the example, as the modified noun "쓰는 것" is to be the topic, 은 is added to it making: 쓰는 것은

If it were to be

a subject - 쓰는 것이

an object - 쓰는 것을 etc.


왜 "지미있다" 틀렸습니다?


(1) Typing error: 재미, not 지미.

(2) (be) fun =

• (be) entertaining, amusing, funny = 재미있다 or 재밌다 (abbr.)

• (be) pleasant, pleasurable, enjoyeable, at ease = 즐겁다

Both words indicate a sense of interest from the speaker, hence, "interesting" translated. But while 재미 carries the sense of amusement, 즐기 describes a state of contentment.

혼자 사는 것은 즐거울 수 있지만 재미는 없습니다 - Living on one's own can be fun ( in the sense of 'pleasurable' ) but no fun (in the sense of 'amusing' ) .

너네 재미있어보인다 = you look funny

너네 즐거워보인다 = you look happy


You probably want to edit your question so that it says "재미있다." I am sure it was just a typo. 재미있어요 should not be wrong. Usually 즐거워요 means enjoyable or joyful or glad, and 재미있어요 means fun or interesting. That does not make 즐거워요 wrong, but both answers should be allowed. Report that your answer should also be accepted.


Does 편지를 have to come first? Or can it follow like "쓰는것은 편지를"


Yes it should come first. That whole phrasing goes together 편지를 쓰는 것은 because that's the subject. Writing. 쓰는 것은. Writing a book. 책을 쓰는 것은.


The gerund has to follow the same subject-object-verb order as it would in a full sentence. If you said "I write a letter" then the verb to write would come last.


This sentences technically translates to "(i) will give you the letter (i) wrote". 즐거워요 means "will give". I feel this is wrong.


You're thinking of 줄거에요


즐겁다 - be entertaining/fun

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