"Co byste doporučil vegetariánovi?"

Translation:What would you recommend to a vegetarian?

September 13, 2017

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Is the to really needed? I'm afraid the answer is yes and my English is getting lazy and sloppy. But asking just in case :)


It is. Recommend is a transitive verb so "recommend a vegetarian" means, that you suggest, that it's the vegetarian, who should be eaten.


Thanks for confirmation!


What about I advise you? Would we also need I advise you, or you'd advise the other to be eaten?


I'm not quite sure what you're asking, so this may not be a satisfactory reply. One might also say, in English, "What would you advise a vegetarian to order?" But I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be a good translation of the Czech sentence. Possibly something like, "What would you suggest to/for a vegetarian?" could be a better fit.

Maybe one of the Czech natives on the team can be of more help.

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