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  5. "Ty osoby jsou tady."

"Ty osoby jsou tady."

Translation:Those people are here.

September 13, 2017



Why the translation is not "These people are here" as the word these stands for subject near to speaker?


Perhaps you are confused by Polish?

These - tyto, tyhle

The, Those - Ty, Tamty, Tamhlety


Could you also say "the people are here"?


Yes, that is also accepted.


Why "this persons" not right? If they are here right now?


For 'THIS' the Czech equivalent would have to be TYTO, TYHLE...

But even if Czech had TYTO, English equivalent would not be 'this' but 'these'


Yes, but sometimes "these" may be equivalent for "ty". Czech "tyto" more strict then English "these". Look to Karel Chapek's book. https://books.google.ru/books?id=ceRWAgAAQBAJ&pg=PA8&lpg=PA8&dq=karel+capek+ty+stromy&source=bl&ots=tgJm7JkPZf&sig=yl9_11TxVVF56RZC6Pd4K_y7BJE&hl=ru&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjIs-Ken6LWAhVIrRQKHfhmC30Q6AEITDAJ#v=onepage&q=karel%20capek%20ty%20stromy&f=false "Mozna ze ty stromy maji velky vliv na tourysmus v Anglii" (sorry for absense of diacritics). In English translation "Maybe these trees have a large influence on Tourism in England". https://books.google.ru/books?id=qGBgpDuTcRYC&printsec=frontcover&hl=ru#v=onepage&q=park&f=false


Couldn't this sentence be properly translated as "Those individuals are here."? If not, could you please explain...Thanks for your time in this matter.


"Individual" seems to be a valid translation for osoba and its inclusion in this sentence is fine on the English side -- although "individuals" has a much more "professional" feeling to it than just "people" does. "Persons" is similar in this regard, and that is accepted. If the CZ natives on the team are comfortable with "individuals," I will add it.


Thanks for the thorough and thoughtful reply, Bonehead Bass. The attention to answers like this is very helpful for me.

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