"Were you there with the teachers?"

Translation:Byli jste tam s učiteli?

September 13, 2017

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Another translation can be "Byl jsi tam s učiteli." "You were" can be both "byl jsi" (singular) and "byli jste" (plural).


I wrote: Byl jsi tam s ty uceteli, and DL rejected it. Why?


Try to look up the correct form of the demonstrative pronoun. The nominative is "ti učitelé", the genitive would be "těch učitelů", the accusative is "ty učitele", etc., and here you need the instrumental case.


I did use the instrumental, "s těmi učiteli", and it was rejected. Was the translation just missing, or could you explain what I did wrong?


Translations with "s těmi učiteli" are accepted.

I can see your report in the system, and your particular order is indeed missing. I can no longer add it. The future crew probably will some day.


Thank you for your quick response! I hope you are not quitting as a mod? That would be a catastrophe!


Duolingo is abolishing the volunteer contributor system. I will continue as a forum moderator but I will no longer have access to the reports and accepted translations. We already cannot change them.

Some of the current contributors will become paid contractors, but I did not apply for this position.

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