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September 13, 2017



this is specifically "four-way intersection", right?


Yes, and other ones are numbered too. I live near to an 오거리


trivia: word '네거리' is used in North Korea, which is exactly the same thing as 사거리 but written with a native Korean numeral (since 네 and 사 is a number four in both cases)

similarly, they use 세거리 for three-way intersection rather than 삼거리


also '네거리초병' is a title of my favourite North Korean movie :) English title: 'a traffic controller on the crossroads'.


Where have you learned all these tidbits about north korea and their dialects?


It is my hobby, getting to know as much as possible about North Korea, that includes the laguage. I learn all of that from lots of sources. From Korean textbooks and dictionaries, either printed in North Korea or in communist countries of eastern Europe, from watching Northern movies, dramas, TV programs, from North Korean news, comics, songs and Internet newspapers and from other random sources, sometimes South Korean, scattered around the Web. I've never been to North Korea, though.

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