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  5. "Nejsou teď noci dlouhé?"

"Nejsou teď noci dlouhé?"

Translation:Aren't the nights long now?

September 13, 2017



I wrote "Are nights not long now?"

Duo says:

You need the article "the" here. Are the nights not long now?

Why do I need the article "the" there? My sentence seems like valid English to me, and I don't see anything in the Czech that requires "the".


Yes! That doesn't make sense in English. why would I say are the nights not long now? I read it as Are not now nights long?


This sentence has a number of possible ways it can be written, and yet they are erroneously marked incorrect. I know what the sentence is saying but because the arrangement of my words in the sentence are different I have this marked incorrect. For example, this was my response which should have been accepted:

"Are now the nights not long?"

Reported but commenting in case others had the same issue.


That doesn't look like correct English grammar to me


I wrote: "Aren't evenings now long?" And I believe that this sentence is also correct.


There is a difference between 'evening' and 'night' both in Czech and English. Translate as closely as possible.

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