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New User, suggestion for German genders

Hi, I am new to duolingo and love the site so far. My only gripe is when I am learning new german vocab, I often forget what gender different nouns are. I was wondering if there was a way to set up questions that have a german word with the associated picture and you have to write "der, die or das".

If anyone has tips on how to memorize genders let me know!

(also I haven't gone very far in the course so maybe this idea was already implemented, but I have not run into any similar questions so far, and it is good to get this kind of practice in early when learning new vocab).

September 13, 2017



Try making one in the Tinycards app made by same people as Duolingo


Hi there. Glad to see another learner of German language.

Please move this post to the German For English forum (you can edit it easily to do this). Also see https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24336702 for lots of German resources, many of them free, that you might find useful.


Memorize the gender as part of the word; for example, "der Apfel" for apple - not "Apfel". I remember in school, if we used the wrong gender - it was counted as a half-point mistake.

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