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Full Website Removed?

Not sure if this is a trouble shooting issue or an update, but the full website is no longer accessible by phone, not iPhone or Android. Just wondering if this is only my problem or all of the Duo community.

September 13, 2017



It's not a trouble. The full website is not longer accessible by phone. I guess you have not been on DL for a long time.


Unless a month is a long time, it kinda just happened.


Some apps can make pages use the desktop site. I'm using Yandex browser right now.


I type in http://www.duolingo.com into my phone's web browser and am able to access the website. There are three round dots that stack up on the top, right hand side of my phone screen near the url bar, I click on it, and tell it to give me the full version of the web page.

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