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"The day before yesterday, they announced that they had closed their factory in Moravia."

Translation:Předevčírem oznámili, že zavřeli svou továrnu na Moravě.

September 13, 2017



I think that "ohlásili - ohlásit" should be accepted too.


Thanks, fixed! You can use the 'My answer should be accepted' button to report these as well. :)


I understood this sentence as if there were three different "they."

"The day before yesterday radio reporters (they) announced that the owners (they) closed my friends' (their) factory in Moravia."

"Předevčírem oznámili, že na Moravě zavřeli jejich továrnu."


We were just missing the word order, which looks acceptable to me even with the slight shift of the meaning (zavřeli na Moravě vs. továrnu na Moravě), so I will add it.


Is there a specific reason it's "na Moravě" but "v Česku" and "v Čechách"? Is it "na" for other places, too? And is there a rhyme or reason to them, or do I just need to memorize which places are "na" and which places are "v" for when something is "in" them?

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