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  5. "우아! 만둣국은 너무 맛있어요!"

"우아! 만둣국은 너무 맛있어요!"

Translation:Wow! The dumpling soup is so delicious!

September 13, 2017



The extra between 만두 and is called 사이시옷 which connects nouns to form compounds. The functions similarly to here and 만둣국 could be interpreted as soup of dumplings.


Isnt it always just spelled 만두국 at restaurants though?


만두 국 (with a space in between) is acceptable.

But as a compound word, 만둣국 is the correct "spelling".

There are proper rules in the making of Korean compound words. Maybe someone could give us a run-through.

In addition to what LiKenun said, this added ㅅ(시옷) may be viewed as the "-" hyphen in English compound words.


its usually spelled 만두국

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Yes, but 만두국 is incorrect.


Doesn't 너무 mean "too" rather than "so"?

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너무 is very similar to too but has a slightly broader meaning. As long as there's an implication that a certain degree is exceeded you can use 너무. For example, you can use it for "The soup is so delicious that I cried."


I'm sure you can use too in the sense of so in English, but my answer with "too" was not accepted.


너무 - so, too.


In general, 너무 can be used in 2 ways:

a. As "so", an exagerated 아주, "very" - in sentences with positive tone.

너무 맛있어요 = It's so (very-very) delicious

☆ It is often misused as a synonym of 아주, esp. in speech Korean. But the risk is it may sometimes be misinterpreted by the listener as sarcasm (e.g. over complimenting someone)

b. As "too", meaning too much, excessively, over the limit - in sentence with negative undertone.

너무 매워요 - It's too spicy (more than one can stand)


I love 만두국!!!!


Recently I saw a movie on "talked to me in Korean" YouTube Channel. Hyunwoo Sun from ttmik said that according to Seuol University the word "너무" can be used as the equivalent of the word "아주"

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