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What happened to our translation stats?

Under the Translations heading, there used to be a table showing how many sentences I have translated and how many upvotes I have received. I can't see that anymore. Am I looking in the wrong place?

June 28, 2012



We're doing some tests, on this, but we plan to bring it back.


hmm... strange. I can still see mine. Did you click on Translations at the top, then Sentences Translated on the right side? I've been having other weird display problems, so I cleared all my temporary internet files, cache, etc.. and it solved the problem.


@Luis - Thank you for your feedback. @nimbus77 and vkd1 - Sure, my dog :-) ... OK, I do have to type for him, as his paws are just too big for the keys. ... And I have to help him with the French sometimes ... and then his English isn't too good either, but he's nearly mastered "Woaf"! ... Alright, I have a second account in the name of my dog!


I still see mine as well. Hopefully Gumbee's suggestions help you.


Hmmm, I've noticed that too. Except I can see my [Your] translation stats. What I can no longer see, is the Top French(Beta) translators, neither Past 24h or Last week. Flushing my IE cache makes no difference. My dog's account on a different computer is the same.


Mine are still there.

@1km, your dog has an account? :)


Groan, I'm not getting it. I can see how many sentences I've translated, but can't see the upvotes like I could before. Like 1km, I can't see the top translators list etc anymore either. PS. I wondered about the dog too..... :-)

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