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  5. "זה בא דרך עבודה קשָה."

"זה בא דרך עבודה קשָה."

Translation:This comes through hard work.

September 13, 2017



zeh ba derekh avodah kashah


They (thankfully) accepted "via" for derech. (It comes via hard work).


By - is the word that we'd use :) This comes by hard work.


I'd use "through" in this case and I'm a native English speaker.


It comez though hard work?


What you would hear in English is "This comes BY hard work". By and Through are synonymous but in this phrase "by" is used.


Quite often people working between multiple languages get stuck in the translation when this idiomatically shouldn't be a literal or close literal translation. As a native English (UK) speaker I would idiomatically use the phrase in English: "This comes FROM hard work" with the meaning being one of "...as a result of/arising from..." although the subtle meaning would be one of this general success or achievement comes from the hard work. However the phrase "This comes BY hard work" would in my understanding also be acceptable, although I would be inclined the interpret that sentence to mean a more specific THIS. At the end of the day, get a bunch of native English speakers together and you will still get a bunch of different opinions.


Disagree. I'd say through. (Native English speaker in the US)


I think "By the way, this is a hard work" is also a good translation


No, since "by the way" = דרך אגב. Your sentence could be "זאת, דרך אגב, עבודה קשה".


but using the word "by" instead of "through" would more likely be heard in English. This comes by hard work.

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