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  5. "저는 그릇을 던지지 않습니다."

"저는 그릇을 던지지 않습니다."

Translation:I do not throw a bowl.

September 13, 2017



lol, turns out 그릇 is bowl. At first, I thought 그 was "that" and 릇 was bowl...


Imagine If we have to translate "that bowl". It would be funny "그그릇"


No funnier than things like "no nobles" or "this thistle" (albeit one 'th' is voiced and the other is not) or "in India" and so on in English.


I know no nobles not known as Noah


Does this mean anything? Not throwing bowls is the default behavior for most people so it shouldnt need to be clarified unless it's an idiom of some sort.


If all the sentences were completely logical and serious, you could translate everything without learning the grammar or vocab well.


I wondered that too. In English you might throw bowls if you're a potter (forming bowls out of clay on a potter's wheel), lawn bowling, or perhaps if you're in an English pub playing at traditional bowling . . .


I agree! If the category is introducing food, this is not appropriate. Stick with high frequency phrases and words. For those who think this is funny think of the last time you said I don't throw bowls in your first language.


No difference between 'a' and 'the' without context


DuoLingo please, please, please!! Hire people who can correctly translate to English as well. And the Korean phrases are not awkward and not very helpful!! I can't think of a tie in my life where I ever had to tell someone that I do not throw bowls!Correct grammatical translation in English would be: I do not throw bowls or I did not throw a bowl.


Those involve different grammatical concepts. These sentences aren't made to be useful in daily life, they're to teach grammatical concepts. Your first sentence should be correct, but the second one is past tense, which hasn't been taught up to this point in the course.


Same sentiment!!!


I'm from korea


No difference in Korean between "bowl" and "bowls"?


Nope. You should also be able to translate it as "I don't throw bowls."

Koreans usually don't use -들 outside of people.


This should be "did not"


"Did not" would set the sentence into past tense:

저는 그릇을 던지지 않았습니다 = "I did not throw a bowl."

A more natural translation would be "I do not throw bowls."


I answered i do not throw in a bowl. What went wrong? Help pls!


The word "in" should not be in your translation.


Help me bowl of rice, help me bowl of rice help me down. The stairs. God bless vine


Well I hope you dont throw your bowels you need them for digesting your asian rice!

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