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  5. "Na shledanou, děkuji."

"Na shledanou, děkuji."

Translation:Goodbye, thank you.

September 13, 2017



If you pronounce it with the voiced H like in audio, Czechs will think you're Moravian. In Prague they say it with the unvoiced CH.


Thanks for sharing. This was one detail that tripped me up when coming from learning Slovak, where the phrase is spelled as one word rather than two, and also is pronounced noticeably different. Good to know this is more of a regional difference than a correct/incorrect difference within the Czech language.


An important update - the new audio pronounces it differently from the the old audio so this comment is now obsolete. The new audio has the CH sound.


Nobody says "NasHledanou" . Everybody says "nasCHledanou".


/Naschledanou/ is right. I am from Morava.


Morava je velká a zahrnuje řadu nářečí. Nazhledanou se skutečně vyskytuje. Stačí pohledat doklady: https://www.google.com/search?q=nazhledanou+v%C3%BDslovnost

Moravia is big and you can really meet the /nazhledanou/ pronunciation in certain dialects.


"Na shledanou" is pronounced together as one word with an emphasis on the first syllable - NAschledanou.

[deactivated user]

    Yes, but not in Moravia, or in many parts of Moravia. "Na zhledanou" is one of the most typical difference between Czech and Moravian dialects of Czech language.


    In the northeast of Bohemia I even heard very often "naskledanou" :)


    this getting really ridiculous: i wrote good bye instead of goodbye and it was not accepted. really really ridiculous and completely demotivating


    I wonder what will be ridiculous to morrow. Not accepting to-day? That would verily be a bad morrow.


    I put in the Czech equivalent of, "Goodbye, and thank you", for my answer, and I was told that it was wrong; it is simply, "Goodbye, thank you".

    Is that grammatically correct? Don't Czech people use the equivalent of the English word, "and"?!



    Whats the difference between Na shledanou and ahoj'

    [deactivated user]

      Na shledanou = Good bye. ahoj = Hello or Hi. Na shledanou can be used ONLY when leaving, while ahoj works for welcoming and leaving as well.


      Is there a difference between "naschledanou" and "na shledanou"? I typed the first one and it worked.


      Shouldn't "farewell, thanks" be accepted here?

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