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What are your Language Goals?

So obviously when we are learning a language we all have a goal - whether it be fluent in French, learn the basics of Spanish or speak 5 languages. I'm just interested to see what your goals are?

Personally, mine are to become fluent in Spanish, French and (maybe) German.

September 13, 2017



to be fluent in french


Très bien! J'adore français aussi parce que je l'etudie en mon école. Pour combien de temps as-tu appris de français?


I hope to one day be fluent enough in Swahili to teach English to Swahili speakers in Tanzania.


Wow! Good luck with that :D Just out of interest, in Tanzania is there a demand for English teachers?


To be fluent in Spanish to ace exams before leaving school.


Mine is to become fluent in Irish...


Ah ok. Are you Irish then?


I just want to be able to understand as many languages as possible i want to see how much i can handle.


I'm learning German, and my short-term goal is to be able to have German conversations with my Swiss-German friend. Following that, who knows? I wonder if I could push myself to get beyond the basics and become more fluent? I suppose time will tell on that one, but the sky's the limit.

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