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What are your Language Goals?

So obviously when we are learning a language we all have a goal - whether it be fluent in French, learn the basics of Spanish or speak 5 languages. I'm just interested to see what your goals are?

Personally, mine are to become fluent in Spanish, French and (maybe) German.

September 13, 2017



to be fluent in french


Très bien! J'adore français aussi parce que je l'etudie en mon école. Pour combien de temps as-tu appris de français?


impressionnant, Je viens de commencer environ une semaine.


Wow, très bien! J'ai appris français pour trois annes mais je n'ai pas avais beaucoup de bons enseignants :/


Je déteste quand je reçois de mauvais enseignants, quel est le point d'apprendre si ce n'est pas amusant?


Oui, je détestais le français mais maintenant j'adore le français! C'est très enneyeux quand tu n'aimes pas le language y tu le dois aprender :/


I hope to one day be fluent enough in Swahili to teach English to Swahili speakers in Tanzania.


Wow! Good luck with that :D Just out of interest, in Tanzania is there a demand for English teachers?


I'm not sure of the exact answer for that but I do know that the poverty rate in Tanzania is about 20%. English can be really important to a lot of the decently paying jobs in Tanzania so I would suspect that possibly the answer is yes, they are in demand. If not, than there's probably a demand for native English speakers to teach more advanced English or to teach the higher paid communities.


Oh ok. Thanks for answering and good luck with your Swahili :D


Thanks and good luck with your languages too!


To be fluent in Spanish to ace exams before leaving school.


Mine is to become fluent in Irish...


Ah ok. Are you Irish then?


No, not really, but I love the language and everything else about Irish culture and Ireland.


Oh ok, my mum is half Irish so I love Ireland as well and visit sometimes. It's definitely a great country :)


I just want to be able to understand as many languages as possible i want to see how much i can handle.


I'm learning German, and my short-term goal is to be able to have German conversations with my Swiss-German friend. Following that, who knows? I wonder if I could push myself to get beyond the basics and become more fluent? I suppose time will tell on that one, but the sky's the limit.


Mon objectif principal : pouvoir jouer des jeux vidéo en français. Je voudrais également pouvoir regarder des choses sur YouTube, que ce soit des vidéos de gaming ou d'autres vidéos intéressantes. Au debut j'ésperais de parler très couramment, mais puisqu'il n'y a presque personne avec qui je peux parler français j'ai perdu la motivation pour ça, et maintenant je serai content de juste comprendre la langue.

Peut-être que mes objectifs semblent un peu bizarres, mais j'avais envie d'apprendre une deuxième langue et malheureusement je vis dans un pays très monolingue (Angleterre)... cependant, je joue des jeux vidéo beaucoup, je peux les jouer en français et ça me permettront de connaître et utiliser deux langues dans ma vie, comme je voulais. Bien sûr, je ne me passerai certainement pas des opportunités rares qui m'arriveront pour parler français, mais comme j'ai dit ce n'est pas mon but principal. Excusez toutes mes erreurs s'il vous plaît.


IN ENGLISH: My main goal: to be able to play video games in French. I would also like to be able to watch things on YouTube, whether it's gaming videos or anything interesting. At the start, I hoped to speak very fluently, but as there is almost no one I can speak French with, I lost the motivation for that, and now I will be happy to just understand the language.

Maybe my goals seem a bit bizarre, but I felt like learning a second language and unfortunately I live in a very monolingual country (England). However, I play video games a lot, I can play them in French and that will allow me to know and use two languages in my life, like I wanted. Of course, I certainly won't ignore the rare opportunities that arise for me to speak French, but like I said it's not my main goal. Excuse all my French errors please!

[deactivated user]

    to become fluent in spanish


    I've really scaled back my goals. I'm hoping to be more realistic now that I've gotten to know my own capacity. My ability to retain what I've learned is not very robust. So, by making goals that are more realistic for me, I've reduced my frustration. :)

    In Japanese, my goal is just to keep leveling up for now. I don't see myself ever being fluent. But, it's nice to have a high level badge and it's good for my brain to keep engaging and learning things.

    For Spanish, I just want to keep coming back to it and re-doing the tree every now and then. I'm not using the language for interpersonal interaction right now. But, I might in the future and I want it to take less time to power it up again.

    In terms of studying a language for conversation, one of my friends that I regularly hang out with is hard of hearing and fluent in American Sign Language. I want to be able to communicate more effectively with them in loud spaces or when they are tired after work. So, my goal for ASL is to become conversation. To help me with that, I've just relaunched the Duolingo ASL Facebook group. We're probably going to have our first video chat in about 1 week. And tomorrow, I'm going to create an ASL challenge here in the forums. ^_^


    Czech, being a Slavic language, will help me learn Slavic languages a little bit more, since Czech shares some vocabulary with other Slavic languages. So, I'd just like to learn a little vocabulary; I'm not really aiming to be advanced at Czech, just the basics.

    For French, I'd like to be a reasonable level at speaking and reading (about B2?). GCSE French, which I'm taking, is like an A2 level (80% of ordinary text is understood and for A2, it's about 1,000 words) if you get an A-C (9-5), and A Level A-C (9-5) is B2 (B2 - 98% of ordinary text is understood and it's about 4,000 words).

    And you can reach a B2 - C2 if you study 1,000 hours, depending on the language obviously. So, if you study 5 days a week 5 hours each day, you can get that advanced level in 40 weeks (less than a year) which is like several thousand words and you can understand nearly everything!


    I want to UNDER Stand French and speak it fluent


    123% fluent in spanish lololololololololol

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