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Me speaking French after two months study

Hi all!

I've been travelling through France for the past two months, attending language school for 4hrs / day and backing this up with spending time on Duolingo.

I wanted to make a video to share where I'd got to! I think I'm roughly A2 level at the moment. Take a look (there are subtitles):


It would be great to hear what you guys think. I've heard that my accent should be one of the first things I work on, but I also really want to get stronger at conjugating spontaneously and building my vocab so that I don't have to search for words.

Duolingo will be great for both of those objectives, so I'm planning on spending a lot of time on this site during the coming month :)

P.S. I'm currently travelling from London to Cairo, learning French, German and Arabic on the way. If you'd like to follow my vlog for more stuff like this, then you can here:


September 13, 2017



I'm not fluent in French (I'm learning it at school) but I can see you're doing great :) From what I can see, you need to pronounce your R more like a French R in words like "Par". I don't exactly know how to describe the French R because it's quite awkward to describe xD but you should be able to find it online :)


Congrats!!! You are doing great, that was a long video and you talked a lot. I think you are doing awesome. Of course the accent will be off, you started to learn French not long ago, try to learn it, but I wouldn't worry about it at this point. To improve your accent I recommend to watch videos and try to mimic the speakers, sounds, facial expressions and all.


This is really great advice. I've really enjoyed reading and watching stuff in German and I'm hoping I can start doing this in French. That's going to be my next endeavour!


I understood everything you were saying in French.


Damn dude, how did you get so good so fast? How are you studying?


Hah, thanks! I'm currently in France and studying 4hrs a day at a language school called Alliance Française. This is really good for grammar and general practise, but I'm also using Duolingo to keep my vocab up. I really think that it fits that niche perfectly - by giving you lots of new words and having you practise and recall them all the time.


I wish I had the time and/or the money to do that for Italian, that sounds awesome. Unfortunately I have to study from home, but thankfully I have a few native study partners online that are helping me, but it's still not the same as actually immersing yourself in the culture and the environment. Do they actually teach you through books and stuff, or is it more like you're entirely immersed in the French language so you have no choice but to figure it out (or a combination of these)?


Nice work again Tom ! I see you are learning from Alliance Francaise now. Isn't that the official institute from the government? Because I have it's branch in my country too and it offers authenticated French certification, especially the DELF exams. And will you be writing any exam and gaining any sort of validation? I think you should, since you are doing a lot of hard work. It should go easy for you!


I'm amazed that you speak this well after only two months. There were some errors, but they didn't change the meaning of your sentences and you were still able to be understood. As Emperolguana42 said, just work on your French R. I didn't find your pauses to be too long. I still can't believe that you speak that well after 2 months.

This video might help you with the French R https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsErE00ItH0

Keep up the great work!


Well done! You spoke clearly and I was able to understand you.

Since I'm still less than A1 level I only think that you need more fluency, you did some pauses thinking about the words and with more practice and vocabulary, you'll be able to speak automatically.

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