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"František je otec Matěje a Žofie."

Translation:František is Matěj and Žofie's father.

September 13, 2017



In English, we usually only put a possessive on the second person possessing - "Fratisek is Matej and Zofie's father" should be accepted (and afaik is actually the more correct version).


This was still marked as wrong for me


Then you have to use "Ma answer should have been accepted" because it is supposed to be accepted.


I think it's a bit more subtle than that, as it depends on context which you don't have when translating an individual sentence. If Matěj and Žofie are known to be siblings, then "František is Matěj and Žofie's father" is what I'd say too, treating 'Matěj and Žofie' as a single entity. However, if they are not already known to be siblings, then "František is Matěj's and Žofie's father" establishes the relationship for each in turn (probably with stress on the 'and' if spoken).

Is the latter emphasis implied by the Czech word order, perhaps?


I have to concur. I'm an English teacher and, without specific context, it is unnatural to have the double possessive in English.

I understand that both of these are čeho declined in Czech but they wouldn't be naturally possessive in English.


Why is zophie and matej's father wrong?


You reversed the order of the names, and "translated" Žofie.

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