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How many words does each different tree have?

I was curious because I saw a post where a completed and golden Portuguese from English tree had 2800+ words, whereas mine (which is the Portuguese from Spanish course) has 3087 words at the moment. This is the stats of my only finished tree, please follow the same format and comment all you want:

Portuguese from Spanish, finished: yes, golden: yes(*), level: 14, words: 3087

(*) It's ok to put "golden: yes" if you managed to keep the tree golden at least once in an advanced state or with the course completed.

If you are very advanced in a course, please post also your stats, as you may have more words than someone that has finished a tree in no time, but has neglected the golden status.

September 13, 2017



Italian from English, finished: yes, golden: no, level 15, words: 2513


Thank you very much. I am going to begin the Italian from Spanish (or maybe from English) very soon :)

  • 1467

German from English, finished: yes, golden: yes, level: 24, words: 2628


Many thanks!! This is a very intimidating tree for me, as mate learners say it's veeery long. However I have a moral debt to begin it seriously, as my mother is German and I have only a basic level in German!! :)


You can still see the amount of words on the words list even if all your skills aren't golden as long as you have finished the tree.


I had finished the French tree despite not having seen all of the words, so I don't think that's true.


I don't understand you. As far as I know, you can only see the words you have learned if the course has the tab "Words". For example, I have my German tree with only 18 words!! I don't think that there are courses that have the tab "words" only if you finish it or manage to make your tree golden. Please, correct me if I am in an error.

On the other hand, there's a script to know the hidden strength of your skills. Maybe this tells you the total words or something like that, but unfortunately I didn't manage to install it.


I'm at 3000 words for French from English...


Thanks, I'm planning to take the French course as well, but I'll wait until I finish Italian! ;)


I just wrote a small script and checked the finished trees available to me:

  • Hebrew vocabulary size is 2676
  • Romanian vocabulary size is 2342
  • Swedish vocabulary size is 2228
  • German vocabulary size is 2126
  • Danish vocabulary size is 2120
  • Russian vocabulary size is 2109
  • Welsh vocabulary size is 2051
  • Greek vocabulary size is 1949
  • Portuguese vocabulary size is 1942
  • French vocabulary size is 1913
  • Esperanto vocabulary size is 1829
  • Italian vocabulary size is 1791
  • Polish vocabulary size is 1769
  • Irish vocabulary size is 1644
  • Spanish vocabulary size is 1588
  • Turkish vocabulary size is 1393
  • Ukrainian vocabulary size is 1086


3428 lexemes has the new Norwegian course (Tree 3.0). This is mind-blowing! :O



You might find interesting this post I have just published in the Duolingo forum:



Wow, that's an awesome work, thanks a lot!!!! I am looking forward to finishing a course from English and see if I can go beyond your "magical" numbers! :-)


So interesting, thank you! What would you need to be able to access the figures for other trees?


Spanish level 25, 74149xp, 4102 words currently. I've completed almost the entire tree to the third crown. I've been finding some new words, but mostly it is repetition. I wish that there were more vocabulary words added in each crown level. Duo is a fun tool but that's my one complaint.


I assume that's the number from your Words tab? That includes different forms of the same word (e.g. conjugations) separately. That figure isn't directly comparable to what's being discussed in this thread.


Are you practicing spanish with any other methods? Do you live in a spanish speaking location or practice with native speakers? I'm interested to hear about what you consider your spanish fluency level to be from spending so much time on duolingo

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