"I lose a nail from my right hand."

Translation:Mie îmi cade o unghie de la mâna mea dreaptă.

September 13, 2017

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Cade is not pronunced correct in this sentance


Is "Îmi pierd o unghie din mâna mea dreaptă." incorrect?


It is incorrect, that would mean you lose a nail from inside your hand. 'de la' instead of 'din' should be used in this case.


What about de pe mâna mea dreaptă?

Also, is it possible to use cade as well as pierd or is the latter wrong?


Is this effectively: " From me, from me falls a nail, of the, at the, the hand my right?


Just wondering when I'd ever need this knowledge visiting or living in Romania.


I'll be in Romania in 3 weeks time, and I share your frustration. Whoever wrote this curriculum did so using a purely grammar-translation syllabus, giving no no consideration whatsoever to language function. We are therefore taught how to say that we lose fingernails, as if that were something we regularly do, but not that the toilet doesn't flush or even that we would like to know where the restroom is. (Yes, I've figured out how to say that, but those never appear as example sentences.)


Idiotic translation


A cadea = to fall nu lose!!!! Mi-am pierdut o unghie de la mana mea dreapta!


Why the need for "mea"?

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