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"There are the blankets."

Translation:Daar liggen de dekens.

1 year ago


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Why isn't "Er zijn de dekens" accepted?

10 months ago


yes it should work i thought so too. But I guess it doesn't work because they assume the there in the phrase in english refers to position it makes sense since that's the point of the exercise, but it could also be existence for which the translation would be er. I think that's it

9 months ago

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If you want to talk about existence you wouldn't use er at the start of the sentence.

9 months ago


Why not "zitten"?

10 months ago

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"Zitten" is used for things being inside of other things. See here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5785064

There are some highly specific situations where "Daar zitten de dekens" could work, for example when you're specifically talking about their location within a set of drawers or a group of boxes. In any other situation, you need to use "liggen".

8 months ago


When you get this one as a multiple choice and you have the option of "dekens" or "deken", there seems to be a slight difference in the first vowel sound in the audio, slightly more "ay" (as in say) than "eh" (as in debt). Is this true to life or an artifact of the software? Would adding the plural suffix cause a slight change in stress?

7 months ago